Seems weird that my site title has morphed into a bunch of nonsensical and overlapped characters.  Maybe that is a sign.  It isn’t far off the mark if I’m trying to describe how I feel after my first week back at work.  Things went surprisingly well, though I’m still mourning the loss of all the time I had to read and write.  It’s a struggle now, but what isn’t?  I am off to celebrate the end of my first week with some drinks and a friend at my favorite dive karaoke bar in the strip mall near my house.  Sounds like the perfect ending to a chaotic but successful week.  More to come this weekend!

UPDATE:  I just realized that my messed up blog title doesn’t display as messed up in all browsers, so I thought I’d share a picture of it here.  It’s quite hilarious, when you consider the tagline beneath the title.

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