More great reading

For those of you that play or have ever played RPG’s the good old-fashioned way, this post is a must-read.  For those of you that haven’t, this piece may tell you why we geeks were so addicted to D&D.  Chuck at terribleminds does a brilliant job capturing the story-telling nature of a game-master’s role, and he made me long for those days when I was 9 years old, mesmerized by my 12-year old step-brother’s masterful creation of a fantasy world I wished to live in myself.  A world full of pick-pocketing, treasure hunting, deciphering of codes, lock-picking, monster fighting, keep visiting, dungeon exploring adventure.

Kurt’s post, Violence Against Words, is a thought-provoking account of how he reads – or doesn’t read.  Jump on over – it’ll give you pause about how you read whatever it is you’re reading.  I don’t know about you, but Kurt’s post makes me realize this is a subject  I should give more thought to.

This post made me a tad jealous when I read it – but in a good way.  It will remind you why you blog and how to do it well.  Kudos to Lindsay for a job well done!

Chuck at terribleminds (can you tell I like his writing?) shared some risque recipes that I am dying to try.  He has no idea that he has created the perfect meal for me – I could eat corn every day of my life and never get tired of it, and meat?  Who can turn down a good hunk of pork butt?  I love the way Chuck turns good recipes into good writing that will then become good eating, and since he created this meal just for me, I may well have to send him a gift basket as he suggests.

Wren Andre features a quick interview with Laura Shumaker, and you must check it out.  The essay is great reading, and I am looking forward to reading her book, thanks to this great intro from Wren.