Great posts from around the blogosphere

Below are links to some of the posts I most enjoyed reading in the past week.  Check them out!

Charlie Hale has such a graceful style about his writing.  This post, Friends and Lovers: In Passing Years, is particularly eloquent, though that can be said about everything he writes. Charlie has a way of reaching right into your soul with his words.

Julie Farrar wrote a post about road trips that will get you reflecting on your favorite car travel memories.

Check out this Star War’s fan’s well-written take on changes to a classic and who really “owns” art, anyway. I spent some time reading through other posts Graham has made, and his writing is insightful and thought-provoking. Don’t miss it!

I can’t resist another homage to the 80s, this one on favorite songs.

I’ve read a few of The Wandering Atavist’s posts about his horrible luck with women, and this one is hilarious, as are the others.