More great reading

For those of you that play or have ever played RPG’s the good old-fashioned way, this post is a must-read.  For those of you that haven’t, this piece may tell you why we geeks were so addicted to D&D.  Chuck at terribleminds does a brilliant job capturing the story-telling nature of a game-master’s role, and he made me long for those days when I was 9 years old, mesmerized by my 12-year old step-brother’s masterful creation of a fantasy world I wished to live in myself.  A world full of pick-pocketing, treasure hunting, deciphering of codes, lock-picking, monster fighting, keep visiting, dungeon exploring adventure.

Kurt’s post, Violence Against Words, is a thought-provoking account of how he reads – or doesn’t read.  Jump on over – it’ll give you pause about how you read whatever it is you’re reading.  I don’t know about you, but Kurt’s post makes me realize this is a subject  I should give more thought to.

This post made me a tad jealous when I read it – but in a good way.  It will remind you why you blog and how to do it well.  Kudos to Lindsay for a job well done!

Chuck at terribleminds (can you tell I like his writing?) shared some risque recipes that I am dying to try.  He has no idea that he has created the perfect meal for me – I could eat corn every day of my life and never get tired of it, and meat?  Who can turn down a good hunk of pork butt?  I love the way Chuck turns good recipes into good writing that will then become good eating, and since he created this meal just for me, I may well have to send him a gift basket as he suggests.

Wren Andre features a quick interview with Laura Shumaker, and you must check it out.  The essay is great reading, and I am looking forward to reading her book, thanks to this great intro from Wren.

2 thoughts on “More great reading

  1. Thanks for the link. Not to undercut myself, but I’ve just picked up at least one if not two books specifically for escapist purposes. Paying attention to every freaking thing in what I read and what I watch is frankly exhausting. Then again, as long as it’s a choice and not a habit, I think I’m a step ahead of the game.

    • No problem, Kurt. I really liked the post and am happy to be able to share it. It struck me because I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I don’t really analyze a lot of what I read – I know when I think something is particularly well-written, but it’s more a gut reaction than a real analysis, and I think the analysis is something that would do a lot for my own writing. Enjoy your escapist reading – it’s important now and then!

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