Puzzling Sign

Again, my day job brings me in contact with writing that needs help…

I apologize for the fuzzy image – I thought I might look weird taking a photograph in front of the security guard’s desk and it looks like I rushed a bit too much – the text is below for those of you that can’t read this.



Check “IN” with Officer if you have a

Guide Dog and/or service animal.

NO pets allowed on premises.


3 thoughts on “Puzzling Sign

  1. Wait a second, I don’t see an “IN” box on my form. Do I have to use a check or is a simple “X” okay? Also, my cat occasionally kills mice around my house, is that considered performing a service? I mean, obviously it doesn’t service the mice very well.

    • Believe it or not, this sign has a use! I almost fell over today when I walked into the lobby and saw the security guard arguing with a woman that was trying to carry a tiny dog in a tote bag in with her to pay her utility bill. The woman that needed to pay her bill tried many arguments to get past security, but as the guard correctly pointed out, no guide dog would be carried inside a tote bag.

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