More great reading

There was no way I could pick a single post from this blog, though I will share the link that got me to read it.  Seriously, though – do not stop there!  It is full of hilarious posts about “The Problem with Young People Today.”  The writing itself is very funny, but I couldn’t help but laugh even more at the people that feel the need to argue their case with this admirable man.

Wrapping things in bacon is always a good thing.

After reading this post, I am really glad I don’t qualify as a clutz to this degree.  But, if you do, you may be grateful for the advice shared by this poor clumsy person.

This story of a moment of writer’s crisis from a woman whose life looks so different than anyone I know is a great read.  I’m hooked.

And, finally, this piece simply left me speechless.

2 thoughts on “More great reading

  1. Aw, thanks, EBW! Such a good surprise to be included, and I’m eager to check out your other mentions. (Already ran straight over to Millie’s page, and was indeed left breathless – what an awesome piece.) Anyway, I’m delighted to meet you, and will be eagerly cheering your own memoir experience. Reading about your journey to telling this story and the struggle with how others will respond, those are things I can definitely relate to! My best wishes for your process.

    Be well –

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