Random articles

In the style of my “great reads” links to other blog posts, I thought I would periodically share random articles that catch my attention.  Round 1 begins now:

An exciting new ailment: Text Neck – Not only is this article a great example of the endless creation of new ailments, with a brilliant name for an ailment, I love that the author thinks the new ailment of which he writes is exciting.   This is my kind of facetious!

I have to say, I am not generally a fan of perfume or cologne – especially anything that smells very flowery.  But, I couldn’t resist sharing a link to information about this fabulous new invention – bacon cologne.

I think someone needs to find this guy’s kryptonite.

This last one, I’m including for my devoted reader, Bassa.  I am dying to hear what you think of this commercial.

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