Paying it forward, or should I say, receiving forward pay?

Claire Hennessey, of Crazy California Claire, named me as one of her three ‘Pay it Forward’ blogs the other day, and I’m grateful for the mention.  Claire and I connected through the Rach Writes Platform Building Campaign, and our connection has been the highlight of the entire campaign experience for me.  We have become critique partners, and I absolutely love reading and commenting on the memoir she has in progress.  It’s a very charming story and I’m excited to see where she takes it.  She’s also provided me some excellent feedback on a short memoir piece I’ve been working on for the past couple of months.  Thanks, Claire!  It’s great to have your support!  I’ll post my own version of Pay it Forward shortly, with my regular links to some great posts I’ve read in the past couple weeks.

3 thoughts on “Paying it forward, or should I say, receiving forward pay?

  1. Yay! It’s been so great. Especially as we do live quite near each other. How cool is that, when Rachael Harrie is in Australia!! Thanks for the mention here 🙂

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