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I have a few lengthier entries to share this time, but I think you’ll see the brilliance and decide they are worth a read…

For a start, everyone is welcome to internet marketing. That is beautiful. The young is welcome additionally as the old. The tiny is welcome still as the great. The weak is welcome still as the strong. Everybody is welcome. This makes internet selling a lovely home to remain and enjoy yourself to the fullest. It welcomes an Yank; it welcomes an European. It welcomes an Asian the same manner it welcomes an Australian. It’s indeed a home for all. It’s thus lovely that it will not examine you age or perhaps strive to authenticate, validate, or verify how previous you are. It’s therefore beautiful that it will not think about your temperament; it will not check your family background, community, nation, continent, race, tribe, creed, and tongue before permitting you to hitch the train.

It is likewise a good idea to specify who you desire the proceeds of your life policy to go to when you perish.
And that breaks my heart. Yours too, huh?

And, an interesting group of spam comments that have scrambled the letters in just one word.  Check them out. You could make a game out of unscrambling these.

Being new to social kowterning, I haven’t had time to figure out the protocols so thanks for the tips.


Very impressive your art. Like to know what kind of paper, snickhetses and sizes. And are those his nibs to which your refer? grin!


Both books are great, total classics for twriers.


before you spend your money free advice, i would ccntaot a funeral home and have the ashes moved. you are not exhuming anybody (only a body can be exhumed not an urn)and it is relatively simple to get this done.let your aunt and uncle try to contest the children’s wishes and have them find out how much a standing they really have. none.but in case you need to litigate this any private practitioner can represent you in this matter.i hope this helps you.


You’re not stalking, you are ipkeeng tabs. Stalking is peering into windows and following the person a few feet behind. Keeping tabs is ipkeeng up with the person online (Note to Graham:  I guess I’m not stalking you after all!)

If I gave out blog spam awards, I think this one would win for its obvious, though warped, reference to many things I have actually written about.

Hi, Janell! I’ve just been romping around in your blog and it’s a feast so many delicious topics. This post about Jeannette Winterson opens some doors for me; I’m intrigued by her approach to alone-ness, how she describes it as springing from having felt invaded in the past. So often we’re made to feel there’s something wrong with us at our core if we truly prefer to be alone most of the time. It’s a relief to know this is normal for some people (if using the word normal ever makes any sense!) Some people consider being alone punishment. Some consider it a reward. And that’s o.k.And I love the way you combine socializing with learning, while discovering ways to enrich your poetry (weaving in what you learn from a show on the Jewish use of trees) now that’s intelligent multi-tasking!I also really enjoyed your earlier post about memoir writing, and was struck by the similarities to writing fiction when you wrote of how vital it is to know what to leave out. This is a lot more difficult than it might seem, to the uninitiated; it’s a mighty effort of discipline and clear sight.This blog is an oasis for anyone caught up in the writer’s life. Thank you, Janell!


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