Check ’em out – more good reading

As he so often does, Graham shares an enlightening perspective – this time on the evolution of Christmas.  [Graham – I promise I’m not a stalker. I just really love your writing and your perspective!  I often have to start my next ‘great links’ post before I finish the one in progress because I have more than one of your posts I want to share.  Maybe that does make me a stalker…]

Check out this brief history of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary – had I known about this before Christmas, I might’ve asked for the original.  I bet it’s fascinating.

This list of the top ten writing blogs for 2011 is a great resource.  I am already a reader of Terrible Minds, but now have a bunch more to add to my list.

I only recently stumbled across Millie Ho’s blog, but I’ve become a fast fan.  Even this piece that she shares as an example of something she seems to think wasn’t great, really is great.

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