So, it’s official.  I’ve gotten my first rejection letter – or rather, rejection email.  I submitted an essay to a quarterly literary magazine six or eight weeks ago, and recently got back a form reply from the editors, saying “Sorry – not a fit for us at this time…”  It feels like a milestone!  I finally submitted something, and having gotten over that hurdle, it seems much less like a hurdle at all.  Now I can start that collection of rejection letters all those other published authors talk about.

Then, not long after the rejection, I got an email from someone asking me for a 2-3 sentence bio.  A few months ago, I submitted a short two paragraph piece to a website about a book I had recently read.  The email didn’t explicitly say they were going to publish my blurb – but I can’t think why else they’d want 2-3 sentences about me.  Now, though I’m thrilled to have anything published, this really is just a couple paragraphs I wrote about someone else’s book, so nothing to go bonkers over.  Still, it feels like another milestone, and positive feedback is always a good thing, right?

9 thoughts on “Milestones

    • The rejection wasn’t bad at all, actually. I think because I have read enough about everyone who writes anything being rejected, and I submitted without any expectations, whatsoever. Still, I’m glad I did. Thanks once again for your comments, bassa!

  1. Congratulations, ebw – that’s a great milestone! I was out tonight with a writer friend who explained her feeling about rejection letters: “Each one gets me one step closer to the acceptance letter.” You can be truly proud of yourself for not only writing, but taking the great leap to put yourself out there by submitting.
    And your website book review absolutely counts! Everything that gets your work out there, asserting you as “ebw, Writer” is creating momentum. I’m cheering for you, friend!

    • Thanks! I have to say my experiment with anonymity in writing this blog makes it a bit more difficult to share the little triumphs – assuming that little bio I was asked for gets published on the website, it would identify me, so I can’t link to it from here. Feels good, nonetheless, even if I can’t share the specifics! Thanks for your comments!

  2. Congrats on the rejection and the bio! Someday when I get a rejection letter (or email), I’m going to frame it. It’s like a right of passage. Here’s hoping the next one will be a contract with many zeros attached the advance. ; )

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