Blog Spam One More Time

I was going to abandon these posts, but I had to do just one more when I read this one…

“Okay post, but not the best Ive seen exactly. You should step it up or gulrotkake sunn will eat your position.”

I agree.  I’m guessing I don’t care much about my position and gulrotkake sunn can eat if if he wishes….  Pause while I Google…  Oh man, this gets better!  Gulrotkake sunn means carrot cake in Norwegian!  Thank you, Google Translate!  Apparently Norwegian carrot cake recipes are better reading than my posts.

And since I’m here, this one…

“While you feel about watery things to do within Egypt, your thoughts probably changes that will Sharm el Sheikh in addition to delving on the coral formations reefs, yet it’s not just one desired destination around the Crimson Coast meant for holidaymakers who want to log off your seaside and also inside the fluids.”

I love the combination of technology and watery holidays – log off your seaside?  If I could make it to a seaside, I certainly wouldn’t log off of it.  I’d want to stay, I think.  Inside the fluids – I’m a bit less sure about that one…

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