A wedding with the perfect touches

I went to the wedding of a very good friend of mine this weekend, and although I would never have expected less, I was still blown away by the small details that the happy couple arranged to make their wedding such a perfect reflection of them.  It started with the “Save the Date” notice they sent out a few months ago.  They portrayed themselves as mini-South Park characters, and it didn’t stop there.  The venue was an amazing Art Deco building in Downtown San Francisco, which suits their quirky-in-the-coolest-possible-way style.  One half of the couple is the utmost science geek disguised by spiky hair, black clothes, tattoos and modestly sized plug earrings, while the other works in the hair biz and looks every bit the part with the amazing shade of bright red she carries around on her head.

Another friend became a justice of the peace for a day so he could officiate the wedding.  Instead of the typical, “Here Comes the Bride,” the DJ played Stevie Wonder’s, “You are the Sunshine of my Life,” as the bride made her way down the aisle, and at the close of a brief but beautiful ceremony, the newlyweds walked back down the aisle to Axl Rose singing “Sweet Child of Mine.”  Guests filled out Mad Libs style cards to offer them hilarious wedding advice, and we were all seated at tables that were named with quotes from The Princess Bride.  I sat at the “So it is down to you, and it is down to me” table.  Instead of feeding each other wedding cake, they each held half of a ginger sandwich cookie and took it apart Oreo-style.

My description really doesn’t do it justice, but they put the perfect twist on every classic element of a wedding and made it their own in a way only they could have.  Congrats, J & T!

7 thoughts on “A wedding with the perfect touches

  1. Ha! I LOVE this, and I’m about the farthest fan of weddings as you can get. What a great job you did bringing us the scene… The songs, the Mad Libs (brilliant!), the ginger cookie, the Princess Bride quotes… All kinda makes me wish that J & T were my friends, too, but I’m delighted that they’re yours, and, most importantly, that they’re each others – sounds like a pretty awesome match. I’m glad that you got to participate in such a special event!

    • I’m glad, too, and the thing about J & T is that they would absolutely be your friends! They are some of the nicest people you could ever meet. It was really great to see what they did with their wedding, and I can’t wait to read some of the Mad Libs – I’m hoping they post them online somewhere.

  2. Sounds like an amazing wedding. Hope they will both be very happy together. My best friend had the most amazing 2nd wedding – it was fancy dress, pirate style! Everything and everyone dressed up, including their car from church to reception which was a truck completely made to look like a pirate ship! Bloody fantastic wedding. Sadly the marriage only lasted a year! LOL Hope your friends fare a bit better than that!

  3. What a cool wedding! When my husband and I got married, we wanted the priest to do the Princess Bride Mawwiage… speech. His parents vetoed it. Darn. Your friends, though are awesome and good on them for having the wedding they wanted. Mad libs? That’s the best idea…

    • Funny you mention the Mawwiage speech. The groom was made a justice of the peace for a day to marry some friends of his, and they did just that! The guy who officiated for J&T was the groom in the wedding that T officiated earlier. I’m sure that sounded totally confusing, but I think it’s awesome that they both became legally certified to perform a marriage just for a single day so they could officiate each other’s weddings. It’s so personal and such an awesome way to share the event with important friends.

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